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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Diagnosis

  • Endometriosis, endometrimas
  • Hydrosapinx (tubes removed June 2006). Pathologist said it was the worst she'd seen in her entire career.
  • Thyroid OK, but low for optimal fertility
  • FSH: hovers around 9 but hit 33 when I did back to back cycles in early 2010.
  • Elevated blood NKs
  • NKUs (4 per field)
  • 3 +APAs (2 borderline)
  • heterozygous MTHFR A1298C
  • dq-&#945:
  • me: 1.1, 4.1
  • dh: 1.2, 3.1 we parted
  • Low LADs were treated in Mexico and elsewhere with LIT
  • Anti-sperm antibodies
  • No: ANAs
  • Normal TH1/TH2 Cytokine ratio,
  • Normal: x-DNA/Histones.
  • Low AMH
  • SMA Carrier
Article: LIT and the FDA


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