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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Usual Protocol for Diet, Herbs, & Supplements

  • Feng Shui'd the House
  • 500mg Zithromax starting with stims (this was with Dr. Hungarian)
  • 4 LIT Treatments (still doing these)
  • 17 Weeks of Humira or Enbrel (stopped this)
  • 30g IVIg CD5 of IVF cycle (did this on day 2 or 3 of stims, but only when insurance pays)
  • 30g IVIg 2 days before transfer (only when insurance pays)
  • 1mg Dexamethazone starting with stims
  • 40mg Lovenox, 1X's/Day, 2X's a day if BFP (starting on day 2 of stims)
  • 0.0375mg Synthroid (continuously)
  • Lexapro
  • Prenatal (without iron as it binds me)
  • Folguard 2.2Methyl folate (2 tabs/day)
  • Extra 1g C (Stop at ET)
  • Extra 1g Calcium
  • Extra 400mg E (Stop at ET)
  • Nettle Tea & Capsules
  • Milk Thistle tea to purify blood
  • 2g Bromelain (haven't done this after cycle 3)
  • 2000iu D3
  • Keep BMI under 24
  • No caffeine (decaf OK)
  • No soy when in cycle (eh, I've stopped this)
  • 10 days Doxycycline (3 with CWRC)

Day of Transfer
  • Bed rest

Post ET Changes
  • Visualization
  • 200mg progesterone capsules
  • Take it easy days 2&3
  • No sex til beta#1
  • Cut out egg yolks (contains immunogenic acid)
  • POAS every single day so I can watch the b-HCG line disappear so if I am graced with a BFP, I'll know it isn't the trigger.

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My Usual Protocol for Diet, Herbs, & Supplements

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