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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Infertility History

  • Clomid #1 - OB/GYN: Sep 2005
  • Clomid #2 - OB/GYN: Sep 2005. Developed 3cm ovarian cyst.
  • Lap. Cyst removed and HSG/chromo done. Discovered tubes barely open. Doctor said to move onto IVF fast. Oct 2005
  • Nat'l IUI - OB/GYN: Nov 2005
  • IVF #1 - ZFC: Jan 2006, β1=2.0, β2=0.9
  • IVF #2 - ZFC: May 2006, β1 = under 1.0
  • Myomectomy (5), salpingectomy (both), & endo removed by my OB/GYN via lap on 6 June 2006.
  • LIT#1 in Nogales: Jun 2006
  • LIT#2 in Nogales: Jul 2006
  • FET #1 - ZFC: Sep 2006, β1=2.48, β2= less than 2.0
  • Dr. Hungarian Dx. Oct 2006
  • Dr. Hungarian Tx. Dec 2006-Mar 2007
  • IVF#3 - Nova: Mar 2007. Canceled myself right before retrieval due to stress (relationship problems) and feeling that I wasn't responding well enough. I'd lost follicles, I felt, due to too much lupron.
  • IVF#3 Take 2 - PFC: Apr/May 2007 Canceled due to dominant follicle.
  • IVF#3 Take 3 - PFC: Aug 2007, β1 less than 2.0
  • Jan 1 2009: My company adds IVF coverage to their insurance plan. I decide to start trying again.
  • Jan 15, 2009: I get laid off, but I have COBRA!
  • IVF#4 - UCSF: Mar 2009. Canceled myself with 7 or 8 follicles because I freaked out over being forced into donor sperm by the psychologist at UCSF. She essentially talked my partner out of donating sperm to me and I was left mid-cycle with no other option. It was too much for me to handle at the time.
  • IVF #4 Take 2: July 209 - CWRC. Canceled due to fibroid found during hysteroscopy - it was pushing into the fundus. Jul 2009
  • Doctor at CWRC shaved off part of the fibroid pushing into my uterus: Late Jul 2009
  • IVF#4 Take 3: Aug 2009 - CWRC - Canceled due to ovarian cyst
  • IVF #4 Take 4: Oct 2009 - CWRC. 4 embryos, 1 fragmented. 3DT of 3 embryos. Antagon Cycle β1 less than 1.0
  • IVF #5 Take 1 - CWRC - canceled due to ovarian cyst. Went to SIRM as they said they would just drain a cyst and let me cycle.
  • HSG, Cyst Aspiration on Left Ovary, Sclerotherapy on Endometrioma on Right Ovary - SIRM: 29 Oct 2009
  • IVF #5 Take 2: Dec 2009 - SIRM. All eggs immature, nothing to transfer.
  • IVF #6: Jan/Feb 2010 - SIRM - 4 retrieved, 2 transferred (5DT). Felt I'd had implantation on this cycle but had stabbing cramps. All symptoms disappeared after this despite taking PIO.
  • March 2010: I start a new job at a new company that has some IVF coverage. My COBRA has better coverage so I am keeping it until it ends on 1 Aug 2010.
  • IVF #7: Mar 2010 - SIRM - 4 follicles, 2 embryos. Both died on D3. Nothing to transfer, again. Left SIRM and returned to CWRC (clinic from IVF #4).
  • IVF #8: May 2010 - CWRC - 6 follicles, 4 eggs. Stay tuned.


Comments on "My Infertility History"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:55 PM) : 

I was curious is you ever found out any further information on low ferritin and implantation failure?

Were you able to get your ferritin to a level you were comfortable with?

I have had two fresh failures with donor egg and I have low ferritin, but can find little information. Any insight you can provide would be appreciated.

My e-mail is kim161us@yahoo.com

Thanks, Kim


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