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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I know that this is supposed to be a relaxing few nights in a hotel, but it's actually quite *boring*. I have two more nights here then I head to a conference at work all day Thursday.

I've been wondering about my lovenox prescription. I've been doing 40mg once a day for all of my cycles without a change in protocol. If you follow Dr. Kwak-Kim at all, she's been doing some great studies of uterine blood flow through the spiral arteries by measuring the resistance index. She likes it to be below 0.6 or she may increase your lovenox dosage until it is. Granted you need to check PTT to ensure that you can still clot if need be!

I'm not supposed to go to 40mg twice a day until I get a BFP. So it's not an unsafe amount for me. But I'd like to know where my RI on the spectrum of things.

So one of the gals over on the Immune Board pointed me at an U/S facility in Flemington NJ that can test this for me. They're in network and I don't need a referral. Woohoo!

So I'm heading over on Friday afternoon to get my spiral arteries looked at - a 15 minute procedure with the dildo-cam that I am assured will be gentle and cause no harm to my one embryo. They'll forward the results to Dr. Czech so that he'll be fully informed as well.

Hopefully I'll leave with a bit of information on whether my uterus is actually working properly!

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Comments on "IVF9: 1DP3DT"


Anonymous amanda said ... (9:48 PM) : 

I'm so glad your cycle is going well. Good luck with your test on Friday. Much finger crossing going on over here.


Blogger Adele said ... (6:41 PM) : 

That's so interesting. You know, I never thought of Lovenix doing anything other than helping with clotting issues. But it makes perfect sense that it would improve uterine blood flow. And very neat that you can have that checked out now (though, I'm hoping that the knowledge will be entirely superfluous:)


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