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Friday, November 19, 2010

10DP3DT: Being Stealthy

Dr. Czech has two offices: one in NJ and one outside Philly. The bulk of the IVF stuff is done in NJ: retrievals, transfers, U/S, bloodwork, etc. The other office does U/S and blood, but they don't do the big stuff like retrievals.

I see the doctor in both offices as I'm one of his "special" patients that he's testing out some "very controlled" meds with - stuff that is supposed to help "detox" the uterus of endo patients like me. Long story short, my file migrates between both offices depending on what I am being seen for.

So this morning as I was preparing to check out of my hotel, I came up with a stealthy idea.

I put in a call to his Philly office and asked, "Would it be ok for me to do my beta there?" Yep, no problem there. I didn't leave my name or anything, lest they start to "do research."

I knew they wouldn't have my file there as it was still in NJ - I was due to be in NJ TOMORROW for my beta, and THERE my file awaits. They also wouldn't think to call to check on my date: most patients are compliant and follow the rules.

Not me. After 9 rounds of this shit, I've learned to work the system a wee bit.

So I showed up a bit after lunch, filled out my paperwork, and got my draw done, no one knowing any the better.

Except for me, who is feeling quite content that I'll have my results tomorrow as planned but without have to drive 160 miles round trip to the Joisey office on a Saturday. The results won't get to me any earlier, but it saved me the long and boring drive.

Well worth the stealth. :-)

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Comments on "10DP3DT: Being Stealthy"


Blogger Jem said ... (7:24 PM) : 

Oooo, you are tricky! I have fingers crossed for you...


Blogger IVF 40+ said ... (8:59 PM) : 

wow! that's like black ops stuff!! Fingers crossed here too!


Blogger linda said ... (10:14 PM) : 

Eh, I truly think this party is over and I would seriously just skip the beta, but I think my insurance company will require "evidence of failure" to cover my next cycle.

If I were paying cash for this one, I'd have skipped it all to avoid the drive.

IVF40+: I see from your blogger profile that you're in NYC. Damn. We should grab a coffee one day. Decaf, of course. I'm in the West Village.


Blogger linda said ... (10:14 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Roccie said ... (10:30 PM) : 

You are a riot.

Holding my breath for you. Where is the update.


Blogger linda said ... (10:36 PM) : 


I'll update tomorrow after I get the official call. I know it's bad news. I did a POAS yesterday and there was something stuck on the strip exactly where the line should be. I didn't realize that at first and ran to a bright light. I brushed it with my finger to be sure and, yeah, it was some fuzz on the damned thing.

This morning's was pure white. My sticks are sensitive to 20mIU, so it's feasible that it could be just under 20, but even if it were, it would maybe be 30 tomorrow and I'm not sure how viable that would be. I know that most IF feel a beta of 25 isn't viable. I wouldn't know since I've never seen anything over 2.5.


Blogger Mad Hatter said ... (10:49 PM) : 

Clever girl!! Well done!

Dear Universe: Please, please, please let Linda be one of those extremely well-hydrated women whose HCG could never be detected in her super-diluted urine. Please let her have a fantastically healthy beta and super-fantastically healthy baby.
Thank you.



Anonymous amanda said ... (10:50 PM) : 

Well done on the stealth! Love that.

I'm so sorry about the pee sticks. Damn fuzz!

Thinking of you.


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