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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My How the Worm Turns

I took the job I have now with the belief that they had IVF coverage. Then found that it wasn't true.

I gave up. Tossed in the towel. I simply couldn't afford to do this anymore. My S/O and I split up and we're now doing our own thing (except for the small fact that he still lives with me). Life went on. Or so I thought.

Drum roll.....

Open enrollment is underway at my company and the new plans came out today. Let's just say I'm beyond stunned.

Not only are they covering IVF but they're outdoing any company I've known before:

$25,000 lifetime meds for IVF
$50,000 for IVF (max of 5 cycles)

Holy crap.

Jealous? I'm still stunned. I cannot fucking believe that as I turn 44 years old next month, I am greeted with the possibility of being a mom. Again.

The first question that came to mind after the "holy fuck" was "Do I do this again?" followed immediately by, "Where is Dr. Pompy's phone number and does he take BC/BS of Texas???"

I've since calmed down. I perused the CCRM website before leaving work and stopped by the house to pop my folgard, BA, HPT-5, and vitamin E.

I think you could say I already know what I'm going to do. Tomorrow I'll hit up Whole Foods to load up on omegas. I have 4 months to get my eggs in shape, do LIT, find HGH to shoot up (we're going cutting edge!).

The only question now is: who's going to be the daddy?


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