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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Last night I had an intensely vivid dream. One of those dreams that you wake up convinced that it was real.

In my dream, I held a baby, a bit larger than a newborn infant. It's head rested on my left shoulder, I smelled it's hair and rubbed my cheek in it. It was swaddled in a soft silky blanket and I held it upright with both arms. It was my baby and I was so happy, so incredibly, amazingly happy. I sobbed tears of joy at the shock and elation that it was mine.

I awoke in the dark to the sound of my own whimpering.


Feeling Sick in South Lake Tahoe
Am I on Vacation?

J and I are in South Lake Tahoe for four nights and five days. We are here with another couple and their two sons (3 years old and 15 months old) which is our first trip with them and their children. In the past we've done other snowboard trips with them, pre children, so this trip is a challenge in a few different ways which I'm sure I don't need to go into.

My stomach has been so bad since coming off of the clindamycin IV that I just don't have it in me to get out and snowboard. I feel okay in the morning, but it seems that I get severe cramping after dinner and my stomach feels that it's quite bloated or distended. I hope that I haven't contracted a secondary infection from the massive antibiotic ingestion. The chest pain from the PICC line removal is still here but only when I exert myself. Clearly the medicine irritated my heart. I just pray that this passes. It really freaks me out to think that my heart has literally been affected by this. I had scarlett fever as a child and I'm already at risk for heart weaknesses...and this might be enough to really push it in the wrong direction.

So I emailed Dr. Hungarian to tell him how I've been feeling with the nasty GI symptoms and he said I could cut my flagyl dosaging in half. So I've gone from 1.5g a day, to 750mg a day with a florastor/immodium chaser. Oddly, just last night he emailed me and told me to stop taking the flagyl a full month before I "get pregnant". As if I could predict when that would be. You know? I'd have to be literally guessing to know when that day might be, but I figure I'll start with knowing that my retrieval is slated for the week or March 4th, transfer three or four days out from then, and implantation 7 days after that. Extrapolating backwards...hopefully I'll have a pretty good idea of when to "cease" my flagyl.

Another odd thing that has happened is that yesterday I started spotting bright red. Not quite enough to break out the winged pads, but enough that something is up. I recall "breakthrough bleeding" is something that happens with BCPs, so perhaps that is what is happening. Dr. Pompy's nurse said that I should "expect a period" about February 17th. So I will have three episodes within a single 30 day span. Lovely. Just lovely. It's just that I don't recall having had breakthrough bleeding with IVF#1 and IVF#2.

Maybe I did and I just need to go back and reread my own blogposts.


Friday, January 26, 2007

BCP Day 8

The RE's office called today with our schedule. It's something like this:

  • Jan 19: start BCPs
  • Feb 8: start lupron (oh joy!)
  • Feb 14: last BCP (27 pills in all)
  • Feb 17: anticipate AF (hilarious. my mother's name is Flo and today is her birthday)
  • Feb 22: baseline U/S
  • Feb 23: start stims (likely to be 225iu gonadotripin am/pm, and menupure in pm). stims to last about 8 days.
  • Mar 2: follow up U/S, bloodwork (E2)
  • Week of Mar 4: retrieval

The nurse thought that I'd also be doing 10 days of doxy before retrieval, but I just can't imagine they'd have me to ANOTHER course of abx on top of what I am already taking. It's just mind boggling.

So game is afoot, so to speak.

I'm so worried about whether this is a good time for me to be cycling or not. I haven't lost my weight from my FET and I feel just icky. I wonder if I feel so icky from all the antibiotics or what? A few of Dr. Hungarian's patients write graphically visual stories about their ovaries teeming with CT and that they would wait months after a course of treatment to make sure that things were okay.

But I just don't have months to wait. You know? I'm turning 43 this year and no one knows more than me that time is running out rather quickly. A three month wait, at my age, is a SIGNIFICANT loss of time on the "fertility clock". Our last FET failed late September. It's the end of January. My embies will be removed roughly 5 months after our last FET. I see it as a HUGE loss of time. J doesn't. He believes Dr. Hungarian when he says, "You're a spring chicken! Your ovaries are big! You have plenty of time!" J is a bit naive with these matters. He believes whatever a doctor tells him. He's the perfect patient. He also loves Kaiser health insurance and has never really had to "manage" his own health care.

As for me? I question everything. I think Kaiser sucks ass. They nearly killed me once, with an ectopic (the intern said I had a whopper of an STD and sent me home with a 2 week course of abx), and they misdiagnosed my last major GI episode. I had "the runs" for literally 7 months, and in that time they did upper and lower GIs, gall bladder scans, ultrasounds, and every wretched fecal fat test you can imagine. They found nothing. A fill-in doc for my primary care doc gave me abx one day. Just to see if it would do anything. And low and behold I was cured. 7 months of diarrhea only to find that I had an infection. My gawd. So I hate Kaiser. I don't trust doctors offhand. I question them and many of them hate me for it.

So I don't immediately trust Dr. Hungarian when he tells me that I am a "spring chicken". I think he's a bit reckless to be saying such things to a woman in her early 40's. Let's be realistic. I'm on the verge of losing my chance to be a mother. I am desparate, willing to try just about anything to get pregnant in our next IVF session. But I'm not sure if I'm willing to wait to see if this treatment works better for waiting. I think it's safer to cycle now...and if it fails...cycle again in the timeline that Dr. Hungarian patients profess to be more optimal.

I've got a contingeny plan. Of sorts.

Ah, along another path...I discovered a way to take my thrice daily dose of the foul tasting flagyl. This is something I've been thinking about for awhile now. Visions of dipping them in chocolate was my first idea. But I imagined that hot melted chocolate might disrupt the pill structure too much. I really over thought this though...and a more reasonable method came to me two nights ago. Wrap them inside a capsule! I knew I'd seen empty gelatin capsules at WF's...and yes, they still had them. The "OO" size worked perfectly. A very snug fit but let me tell you that it works like a charm. No nasty taste AT ALL. Yay! Dr. Hungarian also said I could go to 250mg thrice a day from my 500mg dose. So I have a bunch of pills to chop in half and stuff into gelatin capsules. What fun.

So we're headed for Tahoe for five days with some friends of ours, and their 2 kiddies (3 years and a bit over 1 year old). J is excited about snowboarding, but I've been so damned cold these past few weeks that the idea of freezing my add off even more just doesn't do a damned thing for me. I'm taking my board and my boarding clothes, but I think I'll be sitting fireside with the kiddies for most of the trip. My idea of vacation right about now is a trip to a beach where the weather is so warm that I actually break a bit of a sweat sitting in my cabana chair. Yes, that's about right. I'm not sure where the best place to be for such weather would be right about now but if you have any ideas please let me know. J can go to Whistler by himself. I want a warm beach dammit.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

CD5: I'm Free!

I'm free of my PICC line at long last. A kind home nurse came by the house today shortly after 12pm and she quickly and efficiently removed the line from my arm. Being one that isn't easily grossed out, I watched intently as she pulled the 45cm long line out of my upper arm. I expected it to be covered in blood. I expected to be grossed out and to gross J out by making him watch. I'm evil that way. But it was rather clean til she got to the end of the line. They cover the line where it meets the arm with an "IV pad" that is supposed to catch any blood, but there wasn't much to see. At the end of the line it was a tiny bit bloody, but not much. I was somewhat surprised that it didn't hurt at all when she removed it.

What am I left taking now that I'm free of the dreaded clindamycin PICC line?

The treatment cocktail du jour includes the following:

Items prescribed by RE:

  • BCP
  • 1500mg flagyl
  • 500mg zithromax
  • 2.5mcg synthroid
  • Baby Aspirin
  • Prenatal
  • Folgard 2.2
  • 1g calcium
  • Diflucan, 1X week while on abx

Items I've added on advice from other IFs:

  • 4g Fish Oil
  • Sublingual B-12
  • 800iu D3
  • 400IU Natural E
  • 50mg 5-HTP (in lieu of lexapro)
  • High Potency 100 B Complex
  • 400iu D3 2X's/day
  • 500mg Ascorbyl Palmitate (H2O soluble vitamin C)

On advise of my acupuncturist I'm laying off of the java, which I will sorely miss. She stresses that the oils are just bad for fertility in general and urges me to drink teas and eat "warming" foods, which makes perfect sense to do in this cold weather. I also think that because I am taking so many antibiotics that it makes sense for me to stay away from foods that encourage yeast (wine, beer, raised breads, sugars, etc). It's easy to stay away from alcohol as flagyl can't be consumed with alcohol, but not eating bread is a bit difficult for me. I really should be cutting out wheat products entirely.

Why? Well there's some research that shows that people with a DQ-alpha of 4.1, which DB fondly called the "killer gene" or "Viking gene", have an immune reaction towards wheat. I'm one of those folks that carry a 4.1 gene varient, so to avoid wheat could help my immune system to keep from freaking out when I start stims. I love things like biscotti, wheat toast in the morning, etc. Wheat really is hard to cut out of one's diet as it hides in many products, but it's not forever. I was doing rather well until today when we went to a place called The Counter lunch and I lost control and had myself a turkey burger.

There's half a bar of Ritter Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts on top of the refrigerator in jeopardy of being eaten...and I'm off...tomorrow's another day and I'll be back on the diet wagon in the morning.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I finally met with Dr. G today. And the number 1 thing on my mind wasn't that she disagreed with my uterine lavages, but because last night I'd developed a very sharp pain when going to the bathroom. It eminates from right under my laparotomy suture and only happens at the end of a stream. Panicked, I called to see her. What timing. She must have thought that I was there to try to persuade her to do the lavages but, no, it was a legitimate visit.

She checked me for a possible incisional hernia and didn't find anything wrong with the fascia. She said it might just be yet another adhesion that's developed between my bladder and "something" that is causing the pain. "I wouldn't be surprised considering how bad it was in there when I went in". So there you have it. More scar tissue. Lovely.

Right on time, to the day, AF descended upon me at 4PM sharp. Within 5 minutes I was on the phone with Dr. Pompy's office to schedule my bloodwork. Tomorrow they draw blood, and at some time in the late afternoon, I'll give myself a lupron injection. Back to Dr. Pompy's the next day for another blood draw, and by noon on Friday we should know if this is a good cycle or not. If not, we'll postpone another month. I won't be devastated if it's a cancellation.

Why is that? For starters, when I was at Dr. G's today I actually got on the scale without arguing. 1 more pound crept onto my body since I saw Dr. E last month. It's just beyond depressing. When I stepped on the scale at Dr. E's office, I nearly fainted when I saw how weight I'd gained. It's not unfathomable though. I did two months of steroids ending in October. In November I went to Italy and ate everything I could lay my hands on in Bologna where they were having their "Chocolate Festival". Need I say more? But there is more. Then Thanksgiving came upon us. A few days later? My birthday. Then the Christmas season with chocolate, dinners, parties, and more. It's been a nonstop feast since my FET failed. I didn't drink myself into oblivion. I ate.

Since I've moved to the bay area I have gained a buttload of weight. Pun intended. I'm not even writing the amount here because J might read this and find out how utterly terrible it is. (Yes, J, I'm not telling you. Wild horses couldn't drag this from me!)

I am so looking forward to Sunday when this PICC line comes off and I can go to the gym, work out, and then collapse into a sauna until I (gasp) sweat. Until then, I'm going as carb-free as can. I think it's probably a bad idea to go full blown Atkins when I'm starting a cycle, but I can do meager carbs in the morning, and mostly protein at lunch and dinner. Tonight I'll move the scale back into the bathroom and force myself to an honest weigh each and every morning. I totally dread getting on a scale but a daily slap in the face with the truth is really what I need to get, and keep, me motivated enough to do something.

Are you as afraid of the scale as I am?


Monday, January 15, 2007

CD25, IVD5

Fucking blogger. I wrote a huge account of the hell I've been going thru to this last week to get my uterine lavages done and then J sent me a link that crashed IE, and blogger ate my post. Normally it autosaves as you're writing, but alas, this time...not. Fuckity fucking fuckers. Is this how you entice me to switch to the new blogger?

What a waste of time.

So in a nutshell, Dr. G, who said she'd do my uterine lavages first didn't call me on Thurdsday as she said she would, she played possum on Friday, Saturday Dr.Hungarian asked me if I'd done my lavages (Me: "No, but Dr. G said she would....working on it"), and today, Monday, I find out from Nurse L that Dr. G has gone on vacation. She'll be "popping in" on Wednesday and why don't I "fax over a note for her to read" so she'll know my concerns.

Jesus fucking christ. I met with her in December and she agreed right there and then to do them, and now here we are two or three days before AF and my lavages aren't going to be happening.

Do I go ahead and start a cycle with Dr. Pompy THIS WEEK and then cancel if Dr. G changes her mind? I guess I have no other option but to assume she'll never do them and then act accordingly. You know?

God this sucks. I really thought that she was going to be there for us.

Nurse L said, "She read Dr. Hungarian's notes and realized that it's far more complicated than she thought it would be."

Complicated? Fuck. Dr. Hungarian's assistant, let's call her Nurse J even though she's not a nurse, Nurse J does them all on her own. Said to me that they're extremely easy to do. Take pouch of saline/gel, insert abx, run tubing to it, run tubing through pump, set pump flow rate, stick end thru cervix. Et voila! Leave me the materials. I can do it myself. Damn!

My instincts tell me that to a small degree that Nurse L might be to blame here. She's screwed things up in my treatment plan on more than one occassion.

My fax to Dr. G was sent earlier today, so I can only call back on Wednesday to see what's come of it. She has my copies of Dr. Hungarian's books, which I want to loan to Dr. W and Dr. Pompy....so I perhaps swinging by in person is the best thing to do at this point. Sigh.

It's always something, isn't it?

But on a happier note, Louise Brown has made news today!


Friday, January 12, 2007

CD22...IVD2 (IV Day 2)
Meet my Little Friend

Meet my little friendYesterday I had my PICC line installed at the local hospital. This is all part of Dr. Hungarian's treatment to rid my body of the evil C and the T parasites. It's normally done in Dr. Hungarian's office, but out here these things are put in with great pomp. I was gowned and escorted to a radiology room where I was laid out on a table. A nurse scrubbed my arm with alcohol and draped me with a buttload of towels. Then the doctor came out. He was masked to the hilt. It looked like they were going to perform surgery on me. I was a bit nervous as the doctor clearly had a cold and was sniffling and trying to hold coughs back behind his mask. Thoughts of sepsis ran through my head.

Dr. S gave me a shot of painkiller and got started. They did an u/s on my upper arm to look for a nice fat vein. Finding one, they threaded a needle into it. They needed to recheck something on the u/s and something went wrong. The machine didn't respond. I laid there for about 7 minutes with this damned wire in my arm. It really stung. I could hear the doc muttering things under his mask. He was stressed. I was stressed. I was there so long he gave me a second shot of pain killer so I could hold on. Eventually the machine came back on. Relief ensued all around. He then took a digital xray to ensure that the wire was in said vein. It was. I was bandaged up and told to follow a nurse who had my abx. She gave me an intial dose of clindamycin to make sure that I could tolerate it. It dripped into my arm for about 30 minutes and then I was on my way home.

2:30PM my nurse arrives and he sets me up with my pump and 10 days worth of clindamycin. He's very nice, friendly, but somehow he couldn't convey to me how to flush my tubing. I am pretty adept at doing medical things, but something was missing in his explanation. No bother, he said another nurse would return the next day (now today) to clean up my dressings. He set the pump to give my meds at 6PM, 2AM, and 10AM. My second dose came and by nightfall the nausea set in in a big way.

The pump is noisy. I'm amazed how rickety it sounds. This is technology, eh? I hit the sack at 12:30AM and ask J for some ear plugs. I know this thing will wake me otherwise. I sleep through it all until 3:15AM. I'm having a dream that I'm sticking my fingers down my throat. I'm trying to dislodge something stuck on the back of my tongue but I can't get it and I feel like I'm going to vomit. I wake up suddenly, and yes, I think I want to vomit. I grab my IV fannypack and head to the bathroom. My mouth takes like hell. Not metallicky, but just VILE. I brush my teeth and take out my retainer. Blech. "This is bad", I think to myself and I go back to bed without tossing my cookies.

The nausea continues when I awaken. Nothing sounds good for breakfast. My mom is doting on me. Bless her heart. I finally settle on clam chowder. Something warm and soothing. It feels great going down but then it hits me. Shellfish on an empty stomach? Let's just say that we were still *not* feeling better.

11:15AM I saunter into my acupuncturist's office looking like death warmed over. I'm wearing my being sweats, old white tennis shoes, black sweater, with a green fleece. You can tell I didn't give a crap about color coordination this morning. I just needed relief. I told her about the nausea and after the students did their usual grilling of my symptoms they led me to a Tx room where they stuck me with 15 very painful needles.

But amazingly, at the end of treatment my nausea was pretty much gone. They suggested I drink loads of fresh ginger tea upon arriving at home.

Fresh Ginger Tea

  • 1 teaspoon jarred ginger (wet, not dry!)
  • 1-2 teaspoons dark muscovado sugar
  • boiling water

Put ginger and sugar in a coffee mug, add hot water, stir. Taste and adjust ginger and sugar til it's tasty and drink as much as you can. There are bits and pieces that float around. Let them settle or eat them. It doesn't really matter.
My innards are still making frightening noises. Trouble is brewing, but I'm feeling tons better after the needles and ginger. The nausea is totally gone. My hat is off to the effectiveness of Chinese medicine.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

CD20: Consult with Dr. Pompy

We had our consult with Dr. Pompy today. He was his usual bright and cheerful self. I felt guilty that we were arriving on his doorstep after 2 failed IVFs and 1 failed FET with Dr. Moustache. Dr. Pompy was one of three REs that we met with before deciding on an RE for our first cycles. So to come full circle and wind up back with him I felt, well, I felt as though I had egg all over my face. You know?

A part of me was terrified that he might say, after reading our charts from Dr. Moustahce, "You know, he did everything known to ART and we really don't think we can help you." or, "I'm not in support of this stuff you are doing with Dr. Hungarian and we're just not on the same page. Sorry but we're not treating you."

But it went more like, "Wow, you made higher than normal embryos for your age in your first IVF, then you doubled that in your second IVF. This is phenomenal!" and when I told him about Dr. Hungarian he said (paraphrasing, of course): "You know, there's probably something to that!"

Needlesstosay, J and I were both pleased and stunned. Not only was he fully on board to treat us, he thought we produced amazing embryos and would support our decision to work ith Dr. Hungarian. Whoa.

Our protocol will be a hybridized version of the MDF protocol. The difference is that there won't be a lag between BCPs and the lupron. It will still be a microdose of lupron and it might be for a longer time. He said that he might also increase my gonadoptropins by a day or two at most and that he felt that a bit of LH was in order, so he'd add in some menopur for that. Okay, I understand all of this. I can live with this. I only hope that I can scrounge up enough gonadotropins without breaking the bank. I have about six or seven days worth in the refrigerator, but I am near certain that some of it has expired. I haven't even looked to check on this, but I should.

So in 7 days I should get AF and then we need to decide whether to cycle THIS month or NEXT. Dr. Pompy urged us to not wait too long as time is a major factor for us. I agree. Hell, I'm 42. But I am starting my PICC line tomorrow, then 10 days of clindamycin, and I'll actually be on my IV when I do my challenge test. It feels a bit soon, but you know, it always feels a bit soon when I'm about to start a cycle. I start to panic and freak out that I didn't eat well enough, or I didn't take enough supplments to ensure good egg production, etc, etc.

Which is true this cycle. I've still got extra weight on me from my last cycle. I have been sporadic, at best, with taking my vitamins. I drank wine in Italy and didn't stop til Christmas. Oh the horror of it all.

So since I don't know when we'll be cycling for sure, it's back to the usual prenatals, folguard, 4+ grams of fish oil a day, no dairy, no wheat, no caffeine, no alcohol, easy on the sugars, only organic meat if/when I indulge, and loads of acupunture. I feel guilt that I haven't kept this up between my failed FET and now. I just couldn't do it though. I really felt I had to "let go" for a bit to regain some sanity, but I regained about 10 pounds instead. The sanity is nowhere to be found.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

CD17: Forbes Mill Steakhouse

We took mom out for dinner on the 4th to celebrate the closing of escrow on her old house in Whittier. At first I thought I'd just take her to the Black Angus. Mom's a meat eater, mind you, and has been secretly griping to me since she moved in that she's been dying for a good steak. But this seemed like an occasion that deserved something a bit nicer than the Angus. So we chose to go to Forbes Mill Steakhouse in Los Gatos. Some friends of ours tried it and said that it was spectacular. We wondered though. The building used to house a Good Earth and then a pizza parlor. Neither did too well. So we avoiding trying it for quite some time, figuring it was yet another fly by night establishment come to town. So it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out Forbes.

From the outside it's rather unimpressive. Remember, it used to be a Good Earth. If you stripped off the name, you might even think it was a Sizzler restaurant. But the inside is entirely a different matter. On the inside it's dimly lit, cast with amber lighting throughout, with beautiful plush surroundings. Beautifully done and quite a contrast from it's street presence. We were seated promptly, but noticed that for a Thursday night that most of the tables were full. There wasn't much room for walk ins. I spied quite a few business dinners going on around us and a few social ones, such as ours. Despite my ideas on their exterior, business was doing quite well here at Forbes.

Our waiter came and took our drinks and appetizer order. J and I are on antibiotics and so we had to pass on drinking wine, I had a cup of herbal tea (boring) but we ordered mom a $15 flight of pinots so that we could taste a few different wines. All of the wines were spectacular. For starters we had a calamari appetizer. There was nothing wrong with their calamari, but there was also nothing distinctive about their calamari. I mean, how do you do anything spectacular with calamari? Or oysters? Like the chef can really take credit for the oysters being good or bad. They are what they are when they're pulled out of the ocean. We should have ordered something that really made a demand on the chef's abilities, but we ordered something simple for mom's sake. You know?

For dinner, mom ordered the 6oz fillet mignon (not the Kobe, but the Prime) with a side baked potato, J, normally a vegetarian, ordered a 16oz ribeye, and I ordered the sea scallops with a lemon risotto which our waiter had recommended as being a heartier dish than the seabass that was encrusted in crabmeat. Get this mom insisted on having her very expensive fillet cooked well done. Sheer blasphemy if you ask me. She's one of those old timers that has a problem with seeing the blood of the animal that she's eating. "Mom, maybe you should considering being a vegetarian if you don't like the idea that you're eating an animal?" Had it been my steak, it would have been medium rare. I used to be one of those people that would say, only in casual company, with respect to how I wanted my meat cooked, "Knock off the horns..." and, well, maybe you know the rest of that one.

J's ribeye had been marinated in blackened seasonings. I stole a bit. Delicious. I also stole a bit of mom's fillet. It was very good but compared to J's ribeye, it just okay. I think it was more to do with mom's insistence on it being cooked WELL DONE than anything. I think she ruined a perfectly good fillet. But she can have anything she wants. The waiter was truthful when he said my dish would be "hearty". On a white rectangular plate were perched four jumbo sized prawns atop a bed or risotto. On top of the scallops was a confit of shrimp and something else which I wish I had written down. They were spectacular but I could only eat about half of my meal. It really was THAT RICH. Figuring that the ribeye would reheat better than my scallops, J ate the rest of my scallops and we packed up the rest of his ribeye to take home.

We passed on dessert. It had the usual options, creme brulee, cheesecake, gelato or sorbet, chocolte torte, etc, and while I was quite sated with my meal, nothing really convinced J or I to find room. The dessert menu was appropriate for a steakhouse, but I guess we tend to lean towards things a bit more exotic if we opt to do dessert.

And before I forget to mention this: the service at Forbes was outstanding. Our waiter was there when we needed him, and absent otherwise. We'll definitely return, but next time I think we will order a more challenging appetizer and will likely, once again, skip the dessert and head for Dolce Spazio for some world class gelato afterwards.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

CD15: Welcome Back Mr. Needle

JS said that a friend of hers lost a tremendous amount of weight doing acupuncture. So in light of the 10 or so pounds that I've gained since our FET in September, I've started up acupunture again. Today was my first day back.

I told them that I needed to be treated for weight loss, infertility, and low back pain from my sacroillitis. What was my mood? Stressed and depressed. My tongue? Pale. Deep pulse. Resting beat? 68. Low blood pressure as usual. Low hematocrit. Diagnosis: My liver is screwed up. Kudos to the acupuncturists for getting the Dx right. The Abx that I am on are known for fucking with the liver. I'm tellin' ya. There is something to Chinese medicine that western medicine just doesn't get.

Dr. L always teases me that when I've been away for a while that I seem to complain about the needles hurting more than normal. Today was no exception. She stood tableside and directed the two students where to place the needles. One male student, one female. I let the students do the needles because they're less expensive. They're always very friendly and they genuinely want to help. $100 buys me 5 sessions. Can't argue with that. They're eager to please their clinic supervisor so they're very very careful. They check and doublecheck their placement. Only after Dr. L says okay do they stick the needles in. I'm assured but I'm happy when they're done.

I'm near convinced that many acupuncture spots are places that we westerners would consider "funny bone" locations. Places where if you applied pressure you'd simultaneously withdraw and react as though someone was dragging their nails across a chalkboard. Maybe that gives you the feeling I'm going for.

After 13 months of acupuncture I've noticed a trend: male students really hammer the needles in further than the females. I particularly dislike when they put needles in my lower knee area or in my ankle. Those areas give me the willies. But that's the location that the man was assigned to. And he jammed them in far. I gasped a few times. He'd ask if I was okay, and then he'd twirl them in deeper. Get to those meridian lines.

Free the qi.

Yeah, I know the drill.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CD13: EWCM & Resolutions

Still lots of EWCM. Will this ever cease? It's amazing tho. Dr. Hungarian's Rx must be doing the trick. Is this day 3 or 4 of it? I'm losing track. J is going to have to print out some FAM charts so I can start tracking again.

Do I bother to make any NY Resolutions this year? I'm not sure if I want to even try to adhere to anything so stringent.

If I were to make any resolutions they might be the following:

1. Read more (news, et al)
2. Manage my online IRA better
3. Actually contribute to my IRA this year
4. Get into the gym 4 days a week and lose the butt and about 15 pounds
5. Travel more
6. Get organized

I'll commit to 3, 4, and 5. Not sure if I have time for the others.


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