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Saturday, May 29, 2010

More on Melatonin

IVF Works Better in the Summer, BBC News

Key take away:
"But only 16% of IVF treatments resulted in a successful pregnancy in months with less natural light compared to 20% in the summer."

Wow. That's a 25% increase in rates.

Thought to be due to melatonin and our reproductive systems have RECEPTORS for melatonin. Who knew?


Snow White

HPT was pure white today, just like it was two days ago.

When I lay yesterday's and today's HPTs next to each other it's pretty damned clear that the HPT from yesterday picked up something yesterday (pink, not gray, so it's not an evap line). I wonder if morning urine being slightly tainted with PIO suppository residue can screw up these tests?

When I used to work in the immunology lab many years ago, we'd be testing for the presence of a protein and find that some other protein molecules could also bind to the substrate just like the protein that you were testing for...that they had the same affinity for the substrate you were testing them with. Isolating out the desired protein was a bitch.

I wouldn't doubt if something in the PIO gets into urine and binds to the HPT area.

But the color change part doesn't make sense. That's a new complex that forms from the union of b-HCG and whatever the substrate is.


Well, beta's on Tuesday. Three more days so I can move onto my MRI.

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Here's a Kiss Off to the "Just Relax and You'll Get Pregnant" Crap

Stress causes infertility

"Stress doesn't cause infertility," says Dr. Carol Redmond of the LifeQuest Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Toronto, "but infertility sure can cause stress. What bothers me most when people say 'Just relax -- it will happen' is that it blames the victim and implies the sort of control over our fertility that we don't have." A new study from Sweden suggests that there is no link between anxiety and successful in vitro fertilization (IVF). "During IVF, patients often express worries that their own stress may have a negative influence," says Dr. Lisbeth Anderheim of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. "The fact that our study does not indicate any relationship is reassuring." And what about that other fertility myth, "Once you adopt, you'll get pregnant"? Around five percent of women who adopt later become pregnant -- the same percentage as infertile couples who don't adopt or have treatment and then get pregnant.

Thank you Dr. Redmond. I'd like to kiss you for writing this.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Melatonin and the 2WW

Looks like it is a miracle substance:

I'll be starting my 3mg tonight to help with oxidative stress AND to get a good night's sleep!

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Evaporation Lines and HPT Mirages

Today I am at 9 days past a 3 day transfer.

Yesterday's HPT was as white as snow. I looked at it in bright light to triple check that the trigger was gone....and nothing there. Not even an evaporation line.

Today's? Well, I'm not quite sure.

I'm wondering if I stuck the stick too deeply into the cup of urine as it was dark in the bathroom this morning - maybe it is a line of where the stick hit the urine? But there's the very so faintest line today. Sorta looks like an evaporation line but, like yesterday, I haven't seen any evaporation lines on these HPT sticks.

When I saw this, what rolled off of my tongue was a totally shocked, "I"m pregnant?" and I noticed my forehead was all wrinkled up in disbelief. I had to laugh at my reaction to this possibility. Not overwhelming joy, but intense shock, disbelief.

After 8 retrievals, 1 FET, and two IUIs...and not a single BFP EVER...I think most would be shocked.

So...I'm very very very cautiously hopeful, but not in a huge way. I'll POAS again tomorrow and compare to today's but I honestly think that I'm looking at a bleep with the HPT rather than a true BFP. But I will keep a flame of hope alive all the same.

But, in my usual "I-must-always-be-in-contingency-planning-mode", I called my RE's office today to schedule my MRI for next week.

Onward and sideways!


Interesting snafu with my insurance that might help someone else out.

I have BCBS through my former job (a Cobra plan)- it has $50K in IVF coverage ($40K remaining) and expires the end of July.

I took a new job and now have Aetna with $15K in IVF coverage (effective 4/1/2010).

My current cycle started in May and I didn't realize that I needed to coordinate my benefits. I just had my RE bill it all to BCBS as it has a lot of IVF dollars that are going to expire.

Well, BCBS denied all of the claims and said that even though I've had them longer, that because my policy with them is administered through COBRA, that they fall into a 2nd position.

Great. So this means that I'm no longer tapping into the $40K (that expires in July) but into the $15K.

I called Aetna and they said that they too will deny coverage for the IVF because I didn't get preauthorized for it through their IVF program. Aetna actually told me to have the bills sent to them so that they could deny them, forcing BCBS to pay in their secondary position.

Sounds good to me as I'd rather be tapping into the $40K that expires in July than the $15K that is good til I use it.

So get this: my RE clinic says that they recognize my primary coverage as BCBS because "you've had it longer". Not Aetna. And that they will continue to send bills to BCBS (who will continue to deny them). When I told them that Aetna actually said to send bills to them so that they could deny them (and then BCBS would pick up as secondary), they acted like I was doing something wrong (even though I was advised to do this).

What a snafu.

I'm sure it will all work out in the end as it has to. But what a mess!

So ladies, if you have a COBRA plan and a regular plan, be very careful about submitting your bills to the right plan first!! Or, better, yet, make sure that they never find out about each other in the first place!


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

6DT3DT: Trigger Gone & Thoughts on Co-Q10

Today was the first day that my HPTs showed absolutely nothing in the test area, meaning that my level of b-HCG is finally below the 20mIU threshold. So now the real testing can begin.

My beta is on June 1, thirteen days after transfer. A full week from today. It seems like a long wait. But I'm not stressed ... more curious and mildly annoyed that there's a wait involved. I was thinking of calling the clinic today and scheduling a WTF appointment for the day after my beta (just in case, so I don't have to wait yet another week or two for an appointment). I typically don't bother with WTF appointments and plough headfirst into my next cycle, but this time we've decided to do an MRI of my loins and reassess if I need another surgery to remove fibroids, endometriomas, scar tissue, and figure why my right ovary is constantly cramping. (Can ovaries cramp?)

Last night, while I was sitting at the dining table working on a last minute presentation for my manager (one of many), "D" came up behind me and started to rub my back and shoulders rather hard. I remembered my acupuncturist warning me that there were trigger points in the shoulder area that should be avoided when trying to get pregnant - I remembered this, but I didn't want to seem unthankful that he was doing something so thoughtful. However, within an hour, I noticed that my cramps dissipated to the point of being barely noticeable unless I strained to pay attention. Today, I barely noticed them at all...but on the train, they were back but only fleetingly. I'm sure it's the evil progesterone, but I can't help but note every twinge and cramp and wonder. I can't help but wonder if the acupuncturist was dead on with this one or if the cramps would have gone away on their own.

I've been thinking about all of the supplements that I take and am considering adding in Co-Q10 to my protocol. I've been wondering how much to take and found this reference on FertileThoughts:


E. Burstein, A. Perumalsamy, Y. Bentov, N. Esfandiari, A. Jurisicova, R. F. Casper Obstetrics and Gynecology, Samuel Lunenfeld Institute of Research, Toronto, ON, Canada; Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, TCART, Toronto, ON, Canada

OBJECTIVE: Increased maternal age is accompanied by changes in metabolic activity of oocytes. As mitochondria are exclusively maternally inherited, alterations in their activity may severely compromise future embryo development. The objective was to compare the effects of maternal treatment with CoQ10, resveratrol or R-alpha lipoic acid (ALA), known mitochondrial nutrients, on MMP, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and mitochondrial DNA copy number in oocytes from aged ICR mice with placebo treated (aged control) or 10 week old (young control) mice.

DESIGN: Randomized placebo-controlled in-vivo study.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retired breeder (8 month old) ICR female mice (n = 40) were randomized to receive coQ10, resveratrol, R-ALA or vehicle alone via SC injections for the period of 18 weeks. Upon completion of treatment, mice were subjected to superovulation with gonadotropins, and oocytes were analyzed for mitochondrial membrane potential (JC1) and accumulation of ROS (H2DCFDA). The fluorescence of both dyes was analyzed using a deconvolution microscope and fluorescent signal was quantitated using the Delta Vision software (Silicon Graphics). Absolute mitochondrial DNA copy number was obtained by real-time PCR. All values were compared to oocytes obtained from young mice.

RESULTS: Compared to aged controls, CoQ10 treatment significantly increased the number of ovulated oocytes (11.7 vs. 19.2) while R-ALA and resveratrol had no significant effect. Oocyte MMP (JC1 red to green ratio) was reduced and ROS levels were significantly increased by coQ10 treatment to levels comparable to those detected in the young oocytes. These parameters were not affected by the treatment with resveratrol or R-ALA. In addition, mitochondrial DNA copy number was elevated in old mice, CoQ10 treated females oocytes had lower mitochondrial copy number albeit still significantly higher than those found in the young oocytes (p]0.05).<

CONCLUSIONS: CoQ10 supplementation appears to improve ovarian response and oocyte mitochondrial function in old mice. Supported by: CIHR Tuesday, October 20, 2009 5:00 PM Oral Presentation: The Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

A girl on the same post put up this comment about dosaging in humans:
"I'm a Canadian and deal with both Dr. Bentov and Casper (co-authors of the study quoted). I have been told to take 800 mg/day in the morning. It is also important that it is in soft gel form. If you read the label it should say that rice bran oil is an ingredient. I hope this helps! it is supposed to improve egg quality and quantity!

One girl mentioned that she gets 300mg gel pills at Costco but I'm not seeing that any of their pills have rice bran oil (only soybean oil),. I bought a bottle of 90 - 100mg gels at Trader Joe's for $17 and change, but I guess if I need 8 a day, I'm going to run out quite fast. The 300mg pills at Costco are $27 for 75. So, about a month's worth.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

5DP3DT: I see pregnant people

My morning half mile walk to the train station was just too much today. As I'm walking down a quiet a street, a door slams to the left and jarred me out of my zenlike calm. There, in front of a brownstone front door stood the profile of a very pregnant women dressed in a black stretch dress. Her stomach stretched out and was the only thing I saw. I turned and kept on my way.

If only it ended there.

But it seemed that every child in town was in a baby cart with their mom at this particular time. It was just uncanny. I pass a day care center on my way to the train, but at 9AM most of them are already settled in front of their low tables, playing with toys and playdoh.

I hoped for more than a few seconds that this onslaught of pregnant women and babies was ominous of things to come. But I so hate getting too caught up in the hope of it all.

I am starting to "notice" every child, every pregnant woman. It makes me think of Fran's blog, "Everybody But Me" (check out my sidebar on the left). How she picked such a fitting title for her blog. (By the way, she's finally got a BFP, which is so exciting because she's a tubeless IF like me. One more for the team!)

The little beans are only 8 days into the thick of the cycle and beta isn't until next Tuesday - six days away. My last cycle my embryos didn't live past day 3 so I worry about the little guys that I now have inside of me. I hope, and then I try to bury my hope because to hope is so scary. It opens oneself up to disappointment. If I try to maintain an even keel, a part of me feels that I won't fall into the depths of despair if I get another BFN. But let's be honest, after 8 IVFs and no BFP, it is hard to wallow in Pollyanna-levels of optimism for too long.

I've had lovely cramps on and off for the last few days which I am nearly certain is due to the evil 200mg progesterone suppositories that I'm using each night. They, along with my iron-containing prenatals, slow my GI tract down to a halt, even with the blasted st**l softener. I wish there was some "clear as a bell" sign that would happen upon me that would leave no room for guesswork.

None of us are so lucky though.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

3DP3DT - Hopefully Hatching

Today's 3 days past my 3DT. The nurse at the clinic said, "Over the next 3 to 5 days implantation is likely to happen" but I know that if they are still alive, they could still be trying to hatch on day 6, which today is.

Friday night I made the trek from NYC to Philadelphia so that "D" and I could spend the weekend with his kids. I was at first thinking to stay home and be alone during this time, try to stay centered while away from him, but I started to think that I just need to be myself and not be so stressed out about whether what I am doing is going to affect implantation (or not).

But I wound up changing my mind and making the journey with "D". Within two hours I'd started to rethink my decision. "D" gets quite wound up at the smallest things and vents in a way that stresses me up beyond belief. On cue, he had me in a ball of nerves about two hours into our trip and I suddenly wished I was back at home curled up on the couch with the cats. At least they help me to keep my zen inner peace.

"D" doesn't quite "get" my sheer distaste for some things & behaviours when I'm post transfer. When I am post transfer I hate big bumps in the road, or when he slams on the brakes. I don't like being tickled (actually I HATE being tickled at anytime, but right now it's especially horrid), I don't like to get overheated, I won't do lots of stairs, and I especially hate being in a loud, stressful environment. Or around him when he's yelling at the kids or when they're acting like rabid weasels.

But that said, I hate how IVF dominates my every waking moment when I'm trying to spend a weekend with "D" and his boys. For instance, today we went to a birthday party for the 4 year old. I wore a dress with sandal heels. It started to rain and cool down. I was starting to get cold and then I started remembering how my acupuncturist said that I shouldn't let my feet get cold as it was bad for trying to get pregnant. Then they broke out the birthday cake and I was offered a sizable piece, which I turned down. Sugar and the resultant insulin rush? Not a good idea for this time in my cycle. Someone offered to get me a drink. I asked for sparkling water. They brought me sprite. Again. Sugar. Insulin rush. I poured it down the drain. It's like this stupid cycle permeates my every move, my every decision as to what to put in my mouth.

"D" and the kids are off in the pool doing a late night swim before they go to bed and I'm in the room with my laptop. Why? Because the doc said no "tubs, pools, or hottubs." Oy. It never ends.

So I could have sat home, insulated in my little plastic bubble, not living and not doing much of anything. That gets old.

How do you ladies manage the psychosis that ensues after the embryos are transferred? Do you take it easy and hole yourself up in your house? Or do you take a more carefree attitude and live normally?

I'm really curious as to how everyone else manages because despite my best efforts, I'm lost my zen-like peace and am dying to get to the safety of home and my cats.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3 on board

Today was transfer day. Full bladder I laid on the table and waited for the transfer crew to arrive. Dr. Indian wasn't there but I had the nice Italian or Spanish doctor that did my retrieval.

He said they had two embryos of very good quality to transfer (my heart literally did backflips with the words "very good"). I asked what happened to the 3rd. He said it only had 5 cells but I said "Let's just put it back. No sense freezing it or anything." And so they agreed. All 3 went back in.

2 8-celled embryos, grade BB (very little or no fragmentation!! Yay!!!)
1 5-celled embryo, unknown grade

I told the doc I'd done an ultra low carb diet for two months prior to this cycle and he said that there is an insulin pathway in oogenesis that might have been helped in my case by cutting out carbs. I think it's the same path/reason that they put PCOS patients on metformin. I've always wondered if I was a wee bit PCOS because I used to make loads of follicles and I've got excessive chin hair (which is really odd since I'm blond). I'm not heavy, but I'm not svelte either at 5'10" and 170 lbs (I'm usually 155 - 160 but I'm carrying loads of steroid weight from these last 4 cycles that I've done since October, oy!)

Off to ride the couch for the day. I hope they're firmly planted in that uterus of mine and snuggling in for the next 8-8.5 months!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fertilization Report #8

6 follicles

4 retrieved, 2 empty

3 fertilized and in the dish for Wednesday.

I am so not used to 50% success rates. I used to get 100% stats across the board.

Age is starting to do its toll on my ovaries.

Though I asked for details on how the one didn't make it, the nurse had no information for me. If it's another "immature" follicle story I'll burst a neuron. I don't understand why my clinic isn't maturing in the lab...they're a major university IVF clinic in the Big Apple and this should be "doable" for them.

Praying that the three make it and so happy I am at my old clinic once again.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lonliness in the Clinic on Retrieval Day

If you've been following me, you know that the worst part of IVF for me isn't the 2WW. It's retrieval day. I'm usually in pain and I'm freaking out about getting to the clinic on time. Although it generally takes me 45 minutes to get from my front door to the clinic on a weekday, the trains don't run as often on weekends...so I gave myself 2 hours to get there today. Good thing I did, too. By the time I stopped by one of my fav bakeries for a "post retrieval treat", I'd only sat in the clinic for about 10 minutes before they called me to go back.

While I sat there waiting, I looked around and took note of all the men sitting in there, waiting on their partners. Many women also had girlfriends there with them. I felt very alone in that moment. No one had made the trek with me to make sure that "I" was OK. "D" was home with his two sons, trying to get a bit of early AM sleep. I realize that this isn't going to be his child, I am using DS and he won't be on the birth certificate, either, so do I really expect that he would be there with me? No, I don't expect it but I wish he would have been. My heart sunk a bit, looking around that room and feeling so incredibly alone in that moment.

I was relieved when they called me back so soon so I could escape being the obvious single woman in the room.

I went into anestheia 45 minutes shy of the 36 hour mark. I always lay on the OR table envisioning the clock ticking just a little too far and my follicles exploding into my body instead of being retrieved. I am thankful that it has never happened to me. Yet. (Running to knock on wood). One of the directors of the clinic did my retrieval today. He was an older doctor...nice...but I've grown to love the lady doctors here and was a bit bummed to get him instead. I think men are rougher with the needle and speculum. I also had a different anesthesiologist and he was a bit harsh with the IV. It was one of the more painful IVs of my life and I have a bunch of red inner arm marks to show for it.

So, I went in with 6 follicles all on the left side and they retrieved 4 eggs. The doctor said that I had empty follicles in the rest of them. I always wonder if they're truly empty or if it's more about technique. I do realize that at my age that they're probably empty but this thing with "empty follicles" didn't start until this year. So it's a new phenomena for me. And a disconcerting one at that.

Anyways, I'm happy for the 4. I won't bitch about the number. I am a lucky woman to be getting 4 at my age.

I treated myself to a massive vanilla French praline and a double gelato after retrieval. I've been without sugar for about six weeks and today I'll enjoy just a bit. Tomorrow it'll be back to the grind of eating healthy and keeping insulin levels on the low side.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Diagnosis

  • Endometriosis, endometrimas
  • Hydrosapinx (tubes removed June 2006). Pathologist said it was the worst she'd seen in her entire career.
  • Thyroid OK, but low for optimal fertility
  • FSH: hovers around 9 but hit 33 when I did back to back cycles in early 2010.
  • Elevated blood NKs
  • NKUs (4 per field)
  • 3 +APAs (2 borderline)
  • heterozygous MTHFR A1298C
  • dq-&#945:
  • me: 1.1, 4.1
  • dh: 1.2, 3.1 we parted
  • Low LADs were treated in Mexico and elsewhere with LIT
  • Anti-sperm antibodies
  • No: ANAs
  • Normal TH1/TH2 Cytokine ratio,
  • Normal: x-DNA/Histones.
  • Low AMH
  • SMA Carrier
Article: LIT and the FDA


My Infertility History

  • Clomid #1 - OB/GYN: Sep 2005
  • Clomid #2 - OB/GYN: Sep 2005. Developed 3cm ovarian cyst.
  • Lap. Cyst removed and HSG/chromo done. Discovered tubes barely open. Doctor said to move onto IVF fast. Oct 2005
  • Nat'l IUI - OB/GYN: Nov 2005
  • IVF #1 - ZFC: Jan 2006, β1=2.0, β2=0.9
  • IVF #2 - ZFC: May 2006, β1 = under 1.0
  • Myomectomy (5), salpingectomy (both), & endo removed by my OB/GYN via lap on 6 June 2006.
  • LIT#1 in Nogales: Jun 2006
  • LIT#2 in Nogales: Jul 2006
  • FET #1 - ZFC: Sep 2006, β1=2.48, β2= less than 2.0
  • Dr. Hungarian Dx. Oct 2006
  • Dr. Hungarian Tx. Dec 2006-Mar 2007
  • IVF#3 - Nova: Mar 2007. Canceled myself right before retrieval due to stress (relationship problems) and feeling that I wasn't responding well enough. I'd lost follicles, I felt, due to too much lupron.
  • IVF#3 Take 2 - PFC: Apr/May 2007 Canceled due to dominant follicle.
  • IVF#3 Take 3 - PFC: Aug 2007, β1 less than 2.0
  • Jan 1 2009: My company adds IVF coverage to their insurance plan. I decide to start trying again.
  • Jan 15, 2009: I get laid off, but I have COBRA!
  • IVF#4 - UCSF: Mar 2009. Canceled myself with 7 or 8 follicles because I freaked out over being forced into donor sperm by the psychologist at UCSF. She essentially talked my partner out of donating sperm to me and I was left mid-cycle with no other option. It was too much for me to handle at the time.
  • IVF #4 Take 2: July 209 - CWRC. Canceled due to fibroid found during hysteroscopy - it was pushing into the fundus. Jul 2009
  • Doctor at CWRC shaved off part of the fibroid pushing into my uterus: Late Jul 2009
  • IVF#4 Take 3: Aug 2009 - CWRC - Canceled due to ovarian cyst
  • IVF #4 Take 4: Oct 2009 - CWRC. 4 embryos, 1 fragmented. 3DT of 3 embryos. Antagon Cycle β1 less than 1.0
  • IVF #5 Take 1 - CWRC - canceled due to ovarian cyst. Went to SIRM as they said they would just drain a cyst and let me cycle.
  • HSG, Cyst Aspiration on Left Ovary, Sclerotherapy on Endometrioma on Right Ovary - SIRM: 29 Oct 2009
  • IVF #5 Take 2: Dec 2009 - SIRM. All eggs immature, nothing to transfer.
  • IVF #6: Jan/Feb 2010 - SIRM - 4 retrieved, 2 transferred (5DT). Felt I'd had implantation on this cycle but had stabbing cramps. All symptoms disappeared after this despite taking PIO.
  • March 2010: I start a new job at a new company that has some IVF coverage. My COBRA has better coverage so I am keeping it until it ends on 1 Aug 2010.
  • IVF #7: Mar 2010 - SIRM - 4 follicles, 2 embryos. Both died on D3. Nothing to transfer, again. Left SIRM and returned to CWRC (clinic from IVF #4).
  • IVF #8: May 2010 - CWRC - 6 follicles, 4 eggs. Stay tuned.


My Usual Protocol for Diet, Herbs, & Supplements

  • Feng Shui'd the House
  • 500mg Zithromax starting with stims (this was with Dr. Hungarian)
  • 4 LIT Treatments (still doing these)
  • 17 Weeks of Humira or Enbrel (stopped this)
  • 30g IVIg CD5 of IVF cycle (did this on day 2 or 3 of stims, but only when insurance pays)
  • 30g IVIg 2 days before transfer (only when insurance pays)
  • 1mg Dexamethazone starting with stims
  • 40mg Lovenox, 1X's/Day, 2X's a day if BFP (starting on day 2 of stims)
  • 0.0375mg Synthroid (continuously)
  • Lexapro
  • Prenatal (without iron as it binds me)
  • Folguard 2.2Methyl folate (2 tabs/day)
  • Extra 1g C (Stop at ET)
  • Extra 1g Calcium
  • Extra 400mg E (Stop at ET)
  • Nettle Tea & Capsules
  • Milk Thistle tea to purify blood
  • 2g Bromelain (haven't done this after cycle 3)
  • 2000iu D3
  • Keep BMI under 24
  • No caffeine (decaf OK)
  • No soy when in cycle (eh, I've stopped this)
  • 10 days Doxycycline (3 with CWRC)

Day of Transfer
  • Bed rest

Post ET Changes
  • Visualization
  • 200mg progesterone capsules
  • Take it easy days 2&3
  • No sex til beta#1
  • Cut out egg yolks (contains immunogenic acid)
  • POAS every single day so I can watch the b-HCG line disappear so if I am graced with a BFP, I'll know it isn't the trigger.

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Aching Ovaries
Day Before Retrieval

I triggered last night at 10:30PM, on the nose. Dr. Indian's office prefers a trigger to the hip (my least favorite shot to do to myself) which didn't make me at all happy.

This morning my ovaries are hurting like m*ther f*ckers. OMG. I have six on the left and none on the right, but the right side is hurting more than the left. WTF? All I know is that I cannot wait for them to take these things out of me. I also don't know how I am going to walk the half mile to the train to get to the clinic in the AM with this much discomfort. It's like the sensation of ice picks in my sides, on both sides, that never goes away.

Pain aside, I feel like there's some catching up to do since I've been away. I've been on a really low carb diet this cycle. Two reasons: I gained a shitload of weight since October and, secondly, I read that spikes in insulin can screw up egg quality. I figured that doing the low carb thing would help me lose weight and might actually help with egg quality. Not that my egg quality has been sucky (as far as we know), but I haven't had really fragmented looking embryos so I haven't had reason to be largely concerned. Yes, my eggs are probably screwed to high hell due to my age, but it's not keeping them from doing all the right things.

Mostly I've cut out sugar, flours, and high glycemic fruits and veggies. It doesn't leave much. Seriously. I've been eating meat/chicken (my flock back in California would shudder) and dairy (I'm allergic but I don't seem to be having any physical reactions). There was a diet study out of Harvard that I cited in a previous blogpost that mentioned how full fat dairy seemed to be very positively correlated to fertility success. So, full fat yogurt is has been for the last month or so.

I've really stirred up my usual dietary routine this cycle. No telling if it will do anything, but I've got six on the left side, so I am hoping it's portentous of good things to come.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

New Blog Home and Well Into IVF #8

I hope that I haven't lost many of you. Blogger decided to do away with their FTP support on May 1 and I was too buried at my new job to move my blog. I was at www.kurvy.com/badplumbing and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get it to a subdomain on my own site (such as badplumbing.kurvy.com).

I gave up. So here I am.

So here is where I'll host for the time being. I've set up a 301 (permanent) redirect to the new location but I fear that anyone with a RSS feed will wind up losing me. It sucks to blog for so long at one location and then be forced to move.

I'll eventually load wordpress or some such blog editing software on my site and I'll be back and running at my own domain. Stay tuned for more fun with DNS and CNAMES.

On the IVF front, I took off two months and went back to Dr. Indian. They were surprised to see me back. Long story short, I lost complete confidence in Dr. Italian who insisted month after month that my lining was always 14mm and god knows how wrong he was about my follicle sizes as well. I'm sure I had so many immmature eggs retrieved because of his lack of skill with the U/S machine. I am pissed for the time, eggs, and money I lost. Especially the time. I am pissed mostly of the time I have lost. I'll talk anyone I can out of going there after my experience.

I'm well into the cycle with Dr. Indian and am triggering tonight in fact. I have 6 follicles on the left, zero on the right (ovary is pretty much toast at this point). Lining is a reasonable 9.5mm, not the 14mm that Dr. Italian found month after month. No surprise there. Retrieval is 10:30AM EST and transfer (god willing) on Wednesday.

If my right ovary was actually working I might have had 10 or 12 out of this cycle. Not bad for an old lady of 45. :-) I have no idea if my FSH came down after the peak it hit after cycle #6 but it apparently wasn't too high for the clinic I am at as they let me proceed.

Anyways, it's good to be back.

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