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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hysteroscopy

The Eastern Clinic is highly efficient. I saw them for the first time last week, and there I was on the OR table yesterday, nary a week later, undergoing a hysteroscopy.

But their efficiency doesn't end there. They told me to arrive at 9AM for a 9:30AM procedure. That's sorta typical. But I actually woke up on the OR table, snoring, at 9:30, completely done. Is that crazily efficient or what?

So one of the good doctors swung by my cozy reclining chair/bed when I was all done and said that there was something pressing into my uterus that was too large to remove and, yes, it would probably cause some implantation problems. But they didn't know if it was a fibroid or adenomyosis. I would THINK that if it were a fibroid that it would have shown up on the ultrasound last week. But they didn't mention anything at that time. So my vote is that it's adenomyosis. It's not something I WANT to vote for, but it just seems to make sense.

So I have an appointment for a followup and then I'll be scheduled for a transvaginal surgery to remove whatever it is that is impinging on my uterine cavity space. Ugh.

So I don't think I'll be cycling next month. Maybe the next month, unless it's the adenomyosis....and then all bets are off.

This makes me nervous. I'm 44. It's not like I have a lot of time to sit around and do a shitload of procedures. Let's get started already, ya know?

Stay tuned.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Apple Blues

"D" and I moved to Jersey City about 4 weeks ago. He got transferred here...so we're holed up in corporate housing for another month while we search frantically to find our own place. But...that's another story.

I went to my new Manhattan clinic yesterday for the first time. I adore my new doctor. We'll call him Dr. East since this clinic, and he, are both eastern.

I wasn't able to find my last FSH test result showing that my FSH came in at 10 or so, and I didn't realize until it was too late that I'd handed them the one showing my FSH at nearly 16 (which is their cut off). Of course they wanted to update this figure so they did a blood test for FSH, E2, and MIS (Mullerian Inhibiting Substance, which is supposed to be a much better test of ovarian reserve than is FSH/E2). Fingers crossed that I pass the blood work. I just came out of a bout with strep and was weak, dehydrated, and felt a bit like crap. I tend to test poorly on days like this, I think, due to low blood volume.

Anyways. It wasn't all good. On the table, Dr. East did his wanding, found the dreaded endometriomas on my left ovary (now 2cm large - 3cm and they'd do surgery to remove them), a good number of follicles (he didn't do a count), and then asked me if I'd ever heard of "Adenomyosis", which is a proliferation of endometrium in the uterine layer. Apparently my ultrasound appeared to have found this, and it might explain why I've never gotten pregnant in any of my previous cycles.

Moving right along, he said that he'd like to do a full blown hysteroscopy on me, send a little camera in to make sure that there aren't other functional reasons why I'm not getting preggers, so I'm going in on Monday morning for the procedure.

All I know is that these guys move FAST and I like that. No messing around at all at this clinic. My hat's off to them. I hope they figure out for me once and for all if I should try to cycle again. It would be good for my mind to know where it's all at.

I telephoned the ex today to tell him about the results, but he got off the phone in a hurry. The new GF doesn't care for my calling him, but too bad. I think he has a bit of a right to know why we spent nearly $50,000 and never had a child to show for it.

As I settle into this new life living on the edge of NYC, I wonder if I still have it within me to bear and raise a child. I'm not 100% clear on this. It's just one day at a time. I guess I'll know on Monday if I have any say in this or not.

Ya know?

They have a 16% success rate in women over 40. One of the best I've seen. I've got 5 tries left if they give me the green light.

More on Monday.

Lab results came in later on today.

FSH 8.15
E2 54.3

It's a go! MIS test results will come in a few weeks from now.

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